Saturday, June 29, 2013


Ever wanted to be a super hero, or dress up as one of your video game villains or hero's? Well, here at The Critter Den, we have fun making fantasies come true. We can in most cases create any character you can come up with, whether it is foam construction or any other type of fabrication. We have many years of experience in making all kind of suits from Ironman and Robocop to Ted (ok Ted was not a suit, but Aina REALLY loved working on him) (-:
I want to take you through some of the steps of making one such costume. First suit out at The Critter Den. We created ISAAC CLARK from DEAD SPACE for a private client. Material to buy was:Leather, vinyls, heavy spandex, L200, L300, flex-board, glues, paints and flexbond. Some battery operated LED strips for a lot of blood for the photo shoot. Costume Created by Desire Soto Vaughn and me Aina O'Kane. As You go through the photo's you can click on each photo to see the full photo in larger size. Some of the pictures does not show all before you click on them. First photo shows Desiree in action of patterning and the first shapes of the close to 300 pieces that had to be molded and shaped for this costume.
Boots and different pieces of the outfit is here starting to shape. All L200 and L300 pieces was cut by us on a band-saw or carefully by using personna razor blades. Then sanded with dragonskin and different grids of sandpaper to then be heated with a heatgun or torched to make a smooth surface. Finally after close to 270 hours between the two of us, we were seeing the whole thing put together and then the aging and distressing had to be done.
We got ready for a photo-shoot and asked one of our good friends and fellow fabricator Jake Roanhaus to model the outfit before shipping it out. Next series of photos shows side to side action shots, where we picked frames from the video-game Deadspace and placed our model in the somewhat same position. We did not have, or neither did we create the weapons from the game, so we used a chainsaw from the garage for this shoot. (-: It was a lot of fun throwing blood on our photoshoot set!!
I hope you enjoyed seeing our first suit creation from The Critter Den and we are looking forward to show you many more creations to come. Thank You for looking.

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